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1. Invite some friendsover for a fun

    time filled with fashion

2. Enjoy a relaxing time & personalized

    servicefrom kelley the designer

3. Get beautiful clothesthat you love...

    at half off and more!

Here is how to host a kelley
fashion event:

Think about the friends and

acquaintances who would love kelley’s designs and use your show as a

fun chance to connect while doing something both fun and productive.

"Tell people to bring friends (the more the merrier)"

Send: Save the Date and send an Invitation

Kelley’s team will create an electronic version and you can send to your invitee’s directly. You can also print the invite out to hand out to people you would like to invite. Alternatively we can send out email invitations to your guest list upon receiving the email addresses of your invitation list!

3 Days Before the Event Send an electronic reminder, or -- better yet --pick up the phone ... in today's hustle and bustle, a quick reminder can make all the difference in getting a full house. You need to ensure that you have about 6 people coming to have an productive trunk show

  Keep your show simple! No need for over-the-top culinary creations, as the focus of kelley fashion events is truly  friends and fashion.…and maybe a glass of wine!


 Just for You!  As a thank you for bringing kelley’s collections to your friends and opening up your home, you'll get those styles you're in love with at 50% off (based on sales volumes)

     ​And there is More!

Being a HOSTESS comes with REWARDS!

For every $250 sold at your show you get 50% off any one item you want

For every $500 spent at your show, you earn $25 Dollars, that is 5% commission, on top of the 50% off item! See the chart below to see how the combination of 50% off items and commissions work.




50% OFF


DOLLARS in cash
























During your show, if a guest decides to be a first time Hostess and books a future show, you will earn an additional half-price item at the time of your guest's show.

Hostess Tipsand other details

 (few things you may want to know or have questions about)

1.    Plan for an event that last about 2 hours

2.    Have some refreshments for your guests, and keep the food to a minimum if any, as it is really about fashion & socializing

3.    A size range of the clothing will be brought to you on hangers with a rolling rack

4.    It is often fun to have one of your friends or yourself to model the clothes

5.    If Kelley comes as the host she will do a product knowledge on the clothes to your invited guests

6.    Your customer purchases their clothing items the evening of the trunk show on the web site or alternatively through          if Kelley is at the show

7.   The purchased clothing items are either mailed to the customer via Canada Post within 3-5 days or the Host can deliver her                customers/friends purchases directly, it is the host’s choice

8.    Coupon code trunkshowship is used at the end of the payment process if you are arranging to deliver the purchases to your                guests. Otherwise shipping will be applied to your guests orders.

9.    Experience shows that $2500 in an evening is easily achieved if you have approximately 12 guests.

10.  Commission dollars (cash) are paid by cheque and mailed to you once your Trunk Show is completed and your sales are                    entered on the on-line site.

11.  To receive your 50% off items you are provided with a secretcoupon code to enter upon purchasing your item eligible the                    evening of the Trunk Show

Don’t hesitate to email with other questions,

and beginplanning your own Trunk Show!

And if you are interested in Hosting a Trunk show then please email your request to, or fill out the form below it automatically gets emailed, we will check our calendars and find the best date!